Service & Fees


Ron's fee is US$120 per hour for his time for short-term assignments.

All short-term commitment fees are payable in advance.

For longer-term commitments, Ron will provide an estimate of total time required to be agreed before starting the assignment. Longer-term commitments will typically be at a slightly lower hourly fee.

For these longer-term estimates Ron will also set out a payment schedule in advance.

VAT rate of 21% applies to all products and services

Sample Engagements

Coaching, Mentoring

  • 15-minute set-up session (free)

  • Initial 12-week contract

  • An hourly ZOOM or WHATSAPP session every two weeks (six sessions)

  • Client may email a specific issue to be discussed before each session

  • Ron may follow up each session with some pointers or actions to consider.

Cost: US$ 720 plus VAT => US$871.20

Thereafter, client may choose not to continue or extend the contract.

Develop Market Entry Strategy for New Zealand

  • Typically, such an assignment will take five months

  • 15-minute set-up session (free)

  • Initial contract session to agree modus operandi (probably one hour)

  • Exchange of NDA followed by Client sharing details of product/service to be offered

  • Ron will assess the market for the Client’s product and develop entry strategies

  • Ron will present a comprehensive business plan

  • If appropriate, Ron will introduce client to potential local partners.

Cost: US$ 11,000 plus VAT => US$13,310, payable monthly in advance. Any out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursable at cost.